Friday, April 12, 2013

छोटी सी तो ज़िंदगी है, हर हाल में खुश रहो...

छोटी सी तो ज़िंदगी है,
हर हाल में खुश रहो...

हर बात में खुश रहो
जो चेहरा पास ना हो,
उसकी आवाज़ में खुश रहो,
कोई रूठा हो तुमसे,
उसके इस अंदाज़ में खुश रहो,
जो लौट के नहीं आने वाले,
उन लम्हों की याद में खुश रहो,
कल किसने देखा है ,
अपने आज में खुश रहो,
खुशियों का इंतज़ार किसलिए,
दूसरों की मुस्कान में खुश रहो,
क्यूँ तड़पते हो हर पल किसी के साथ को,
कभी तो अपने आप में खुश रहो,
छोटी सी तो ज़िंदगी है,
हर हाल में खुश रहो...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Some good sites for learning code is something slightly different than the last two. It uses a curriculum of exercises to teach the basics of coding in a variety of languages (PHP, JScript, Java, Python, Ruby, etc.). It has a text box to write different codes, and a number of tasks written alongside as a way to teach different skill sets.

PHP Academy is similar to Codecademy in that it’s a private, community-based site working to educate the world on web development.

Frequently coders refer me to GitHub, Pastebin, or SourceForge. These sites are require an aptitude for “learning by doing”, and knowledge of how to navigate the confusing sitemap and specific terminology.

Coursera has been getting some real press these days. Started by a few Stanford Professors last year as a way to offer online courses from myriad universities for free, it has courses for credit and wide-ranging course offerings. In terms of computing, it has an Intro to Programing course from the University of Toronto, which is similar to what edX offers. However, Coursera offers other, more specialized code courses.

Mozilla has entered into the online courseware game with P2PU. In the tradition of Mozilla, P2PU is completely open, and provided a non-institutionalized, community-based education experience. It has a “School of Webcraft,” which includes “Webmaking 101” – a series of seven challenges aimed at teaching you how to start and code a blog.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Syntex Error

SELECT few_moments
FROM your_busy_life
INTO your_loved_one_life
FOR ALL possible_occasions
WHERE your_spare_time IS NULL
office_time TOO LARGE
work_pressure IN ('much','too_much')
GROUP BY your_family;

- Dharmendra Basgrecha

Friday, April 5, 2013

Aamir Khan - FB

Aamir Khan--*Smiling* -.
Teacher--Aap Muskura kyu rhe hai?
Aamir Khan--Bohat Dino se FB Page ka Admin banne ki iccha thi,,aaj Ban gya hu,,bht maza aa rha hai.
Teacher--jyada Maze Lene Ki Zarurat nahi hai....ok Tell me What is a Post?
Aamir Khan--Anything that is posted on Facebook is Post Sir.
Teacher--Can you Please elaborate?
Aamir Khan--Sir,,jo bhi Facebook pe log daalte hai wö post hai sir....Ghumne gye toh photo daal diya!!! Post hai Sir. . .Match dekha Score daal diya!!! Post hai Sir. . .Sir actually hum post se ghire hue hai sir!!!. .  Katrina ki Pic se Ronaldo ki Kick tak!!! Sab post hai sir!!! Ek second me Comment,ek second me like!! Comment-like comment-like.

Teacher--Shut up! ADMIN banke ye karoge??? Comment-like comment- like. . .Hey chatur tum batao?
Chatur--Picture -s,texts or Videos posted through Mobile or Tablet or laptop or desktop via Different Operating system using Internet on Facebook is called a Post.
Teacher--excell -ent.!
Aamir Khan--par sir maine bhi toh wö hè bola seedhe shabdo mein.
Teacher--Seedhe -shabdo me karna hai toh kisi aur page ke admin bano.;>
Aamir Khan--Par sir dusre admin bhi toh.
Teacher-Get out!
Aamir Khan--why sir?
Teacher--Seedhe -Shabdo me bahar jaiye.

*Aamir Khan goes out and Comes Back*
Teacher--kya hua?
Aamir Khan--kuch Bhul gya tha sir.
Aamir Khan--An Utility button given us to protect our Private data. i.e pictures, messages or personal Information for being stolen or Used for bad purpose by hackers or anyone else.
Teacher--kehna kya chahte ho??
Aamir Khan--logout sir!!! Logout karna bhul gya tha.:p
Teacher--seedha -seedha ñî bol sakte the.?
Aamir Khan--thodi der pehle try kiya tha sir,aapko pasand nahi aaya :D :P

Nathuram Godse - The Man Who Killed Gandhi

Nathuram Godse - The Man Who Killed Gandhi (The Other Side of The Story)