Sunday, July 29, 2012

Handy Card for Download

Handy Card || Contact Management System...

Use it and send suggestion for better development of it.
For More Information and update goto : HCD System

Dharmendra Bakrecha

14 facebook Timeline Cover for Successful Brands

Apple . Apple showcasing their golden product in black and white.

AT&T . AT&T’s Facebook fanpage thanking their 2 million customers who like their service.

BMW ||  The official Facebook fanpage of BMW

Coca-Cola || Coca-Cola potraying a collection of stories of people showing how they have helped it become what it is today.

Dove || Dove’s latest timeline cover photo featuring fresh-faced models. No make-up required.

Facebook || The official timeline cover of the social networking maestro, Facebook. The world is connected.

 Fanta || Cool, hip and fresh. Fanta-stic cover.

 Google || The most popular search engine.

Nokia ||  An eye-popping shot embedded as the timeline cover photo of Nokia’s official Facebook fanpage.

 Pepsi || Pepsi sharing the joyful moments of their customers through their official Facebook fanpage.

 Pixar || Disney Pixar shows their greatest hits on their cover.

 RedBull || An energetic timeline cover of the vitalising energy drink, RedBull. It gives you wings!

Samsung Mobile ||  Samsung Mobile promoting their latest product release through their fanpage.

Windows || The official Facebook page of Windows, through which they share their latest updates, news and promotions.

Dharmendra Bagrecha

Monday, July 16, 2012

Smallest Chess

A Mexican software developer Oscar Toledo Gutierrez wrote Toledo Javascript Chess, the world's smallest chess program in Java Script.



‘BLISS’ taken by Charles O ’ Rear is WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS PHOTO!
It has been seen by 1 billion! people since 2002.

The photo was taken during a rest stop driving through the wine region of Napa Valley in California.

Nathuram Godse - The Man Who Killed Gandhi

Nathuram Godse - The Man Who Killed Gandhi (The Other Side of The Story)